The Perth Nature Journaling Club - by Kim Lapere

The Perth Nature Journaling Club - by Kim Lapere

The Perth Nature Journaling Club commenced in 2021 under the guidance of Kim Lapere and meets monthly at different locations around the Perth and Peel regions. Together we learn about our local environment through nature journaling, sharing the experience of being in the Australian outdoors and, at the end of the event, our pages. We have met at places such as King's Park, Wireless Hill, Jackadder Lake and Creery Wetlands.

Here is an excerpt from our Creery Wetlands Nature Reserve Meet up in November 2022: 

We had a lovely "cool" day for November - sunny with a light breeze. Enough to keep most flying insects away while we nature journaled. At the start, a small egret by the park pond adjacent to the wetlands captured our attention and we warmed up with some blind contour drawings in the shade. Following the warm-up exercises, we walked through some casuarina sheoaks and spied splendid fairywrens. We continued to the end of the jetty overlooking the wetlands and viewed some shorebirds through the binoculars, including the white-headed stilt. Once we were back under the shade of the sheoaks we practised doing landscapitos and using watercolours.

I've been enjoying focusing on birds at these outings, as well as practicing landscapes. My handy tip is to start with the horizon line and frame the scene with your hands if you don't have a viewfinder, to keep it from stretching and getting bigger than intended!

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Photos: Creery Wetlands, WA

Creery wetlands WA


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