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We are a group of nature journalers and citizen scientists who are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming virtual meeting place and knowledge base. We are here for those individuals and groups from all around the country who wish to be part of the broader Australian nature journaling community.

Our social media communications are primarily managed through the Nature Journaling Australia Facebook Page. With over 2,500 members, this private Facebook group enables everyone to participate in this community.

We are passionate about the need to share resources in order that all our members may access the support, experience, enthusiasm and knowledge base to not only continue their work as nature journalers, but to be part of a growing community.

We recognise the importance of connecting with and observing nature, and the vital part that nature journaling plays in this.

We welcome members of all levels of experience and ability.

Join and be part of a collegial community committed to creating a safe place where journalers can share their work, learn new skills, discover like-minded people and contribute to citizen science through a nature-based field of knowledge. 

Please come and join us!

ANJA Management

The ANJA Management Committee

ANJA is managed by a volunteer Committee with a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Coordinator and at least two General Members. Committee Members are elected at ANJA's Annual General Meeting each year.

Founding President: Julia Landford

Vice President: Dr Fiona Boxall

Secretary: VACANT

Treasurer: VACANT

Communications Coordinator: VACANT

General Member: Joan McKay

General Member: Vicki Miller

General Member: Henrietta Mooney

If you are interested in nominating for the Management Committee, please contact us at: australiannaturejournaling@gmail.com

ANJA's Establishment

Nature journaling in Australia has been progressing for many years. Broader outreach was initially established through the Nature Journaling Australia Facebook Page, which provides a valuable communications conduit for this community by Paula Peeters. Administration for the page was handed over to Julia Landford and Bethan Burton in 2021. Management for the Facebook Page is presently managed on a voluntary basis solely by Julia Landford.

The idea for an Australian Association was initiated by Julia Landford in September 2021 in consultation with several key communities and individuals. The establishment and development of a draft constitution and strategic plan has been progressed with support from a volunteer founding committee. Our members are passionate about the importance of nature journaling in Australia.

ANJA Regional Chapters

Over the coming year, ANJA is keen to establish state, territory and regional chapters to provide a national network for nature journaling groups and individuals across Australia.

ANJA General Documents

ANJA Constitution

ANJA Strategic Plan

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